#91 Calamari Vinagrette (Insalata di Calamari)

Calamari Vinaigrette (Insalada di Calamari)
For 4 People
1.  20 oz Calamari tube and tentacles
2.  ¼ cup withe wine
3.  Juice of ½ lemon
4. Few green pepper corn (black OK)
5.  Extra virgin Olive oil
6.  Salt
7.  White pepper
8.  1 ½ tblsp Capers, drained
9.  ½ can Pimientos
10.  1 tblsp Dijon Mustard
11. 2 tblsp withe wine vinegar
12.  2 tblsp red wine vinegar
13.  ¾ cup small marinated mushrooms
14.  1 celery stock Julienne
15.  Red onions (quantity and cut similar to the celery)
16.  Fresh sweet colored bell pepper (quantity and cut to match the celery)
17.  ¼ cup black olive rings (optional)
Directions to cook the calamari
1.  In a pan bring to boil same water
2.  Add wine and lemon
3.  Add calamari and cook for one minute do not overcook they will became robbery,
4.  Remove quickly and cool off with cold water
Directions for the dressing
1.  Mix spices with liquids
2.  Add the pocked calamari
3.  Mix will, refrigerate
Suggestion, prepare 5 to six hours before you want to serve them


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